Project management is our main core of expertise.

We manage your construction projects on programme and to cost.

We minimise risk and ensure quality of execution from inception to handover.

We lead your Professional team and keep you constantly updated on the project progress, bearing in mind your main drivers, quality, cost and time.


We help our clients manage their budget and allow full cost control throught out the project.

We deal with the monthly valuations, manage and keep a thorough record of the project changes.

We report in a timely fashion to enable you to take the right decision at the right time.

Cost management is often delivered as a whole along with the project Management services.


We provide project monitoring services to investors, landlords, tenants and report on a very regular pattern to keep you informed of every aspect of your project.

We monitor, construction, cost , quality and even administrative or statutory matters related to your project.

We blend with your Professional Team and provide expertise throughout the project to ensure a seemless delivery.


When a dispute arises between parties that are involved in the construction process of a project :

We evaluate evidence and argumentation set forth by opposing parties.

We review contractual documentation and ascertain obligations from one another.

We  act as concilliators and reconcile parties to eventually bring your project back to a more serene route.


Your project is in a difficult path :

We help bringing it back to the right track and ensure your investment is on the safe side again.

We analyse all project drivers and clarify contractual obligations.

We assist you deal with all administrative and legal procedures until resolution.


You are selling, buying or consolidating your Real Estate Portfolio :

We conduct thorough investigations of  your properties.

We estimate capital expenditure needs and help planning any upgrade investment.

We help you seeing through the current life cycle and decipher technical documentation.

We isolate risks and help justifying selling or buying value.